Wearside League Cup Competition rules


Wearside League Challenge Cup
Shipowners Charity Cup
Monkwearmouth Charity Cup
Alan Hood Memorial Charity Cup

Special Rules

1. The competition shall be called the “as per above” and be confined to members of the Wearside league, all of whom shall subscribe.

2. The object of the competition shall be to augment the funds of the charity.

3. Each club shall pay a subscription of £35.00 which is included in the league fees.

4. Up to and including the quarter finals late registrations as defined in league rules will be accepted (no playing qualification necessary).

In semi- finals and final ties only a recognised playing member who has actually played for his side seven (7) days prior to the cup tie will be qualified, but no player shall play for more than one club each season. Any club in breach of this rule shall be removed from the competition and fined a sum decided by the committee. The ties shall be awarded to there opponents

5. Referees in each match shall receive a fee of £30.00 plus 34p per mile and assistant referees shall receive a fee of £20.00 plus 34p per mile or actual bus fare if travelling by public transport. In postponed games where no gate money is taken, referees shall receive half match fee plus travelling expenses, and assistant referees shall receive half match fee plus travelling expenses if they attend. Fees for semi-finals and final shall be fixed by the committee.

6. The final tie shall be under the control of the management committee who shall take the whole of the gate money and pay all expenses.

7. If the score is level at the end of normal time five players from each side shall take penalty kicks to decide the match. In the event of the scorers still being level the remaining players shall take penalty kicks alternatively in pairs on an eliminating basis until a result is obtained.

8. In the event of a cup match not being played or abandoned owing to causes over which neither club has control e.g. Weather, it shall be replayed at the competition secretary discretions at the same venue. Should the match not be played for a second time the game moved to the opponent ground. If the opponents ground is also unplayable the game is rearranged as per the third postponement.

9. Travelling expenses for visiting clubs shall not be claimed in the competition. The home club shall be responsible for payment of the referee and assistant referee’s fees and expenses.

10. All clubs reaching the semi-final stage in the previous season shall if members of the competition in the current season be exempt until the first round of the competition.