Club Respect League


Norton and Stockton Ancients30101010201Matches
Sunderland West End Reserves30101010001Matches
Clem Smith Bowl
Durham City AFC Reserves30101010001Matches
Jarrow FC Reserves30101010001Matches
Norton and Stockton Ancients30101010001Matches
Sunderland West End Reserves2510510201Matches
Wheatley Hill WMC FC2991010101Matches
Wynyard Village30101010101Matches
Durham Challenge Cup
Annfield Plain FC30101010001Matches
Boldon CA FC30101010001Matches
Darlington Town FC30101010101Matches
Farringdon Detached FC30101010001Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC30101010001Matches
West Auckland Tunns FC30101010101Matches
Wolviston FC30101010301Matches
Durham County FA Minor Cup 1st Round
Durham City AFC Reserves30101010101Matches
Durham United Reserves30101010201Matches
Wheatley Hill WMC FC30101010101Matches
Durham County FA Minor Cup Prelim Round
Durham United Reserves30101010101Matches
Sunderland West End Reserves30101010001Matches
Monkwearmouth Charity Cup - Prelim Round
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC30101010101Matches
West Auckland Tunns FC30101010201Matches
Monkwearmouth Charity Cup - Round 1
Annfield Plain FC30101010101Matches
Boldon CA FC30101010101Matches
Coxhoe Athletic FC27999501Matches
Darlington RA FC30101010101Matches
Durham City AFC Reserves21777001Matches
Farringdon Detached FC289910301Matches
FC Hartlepool30101010411Matches
Hebburn Town Reserves FC27999201Matches
Richmond Town FC289910101Matches
Wolviston FC30101010001Matches
Shipowners Charity Cup - Prelim Round
Coxhoe Athletic FC30101010301Matches
Richmond Town FC30101010001Matches
West Auckland Tunns FC30101010201Matches
Windscale FC30101010301Matches
Shipowners Charity Cup - Round 1
Annfield Plain FC30101010001Matches
Darlington RA FC289910101Matches
Darlington Town FC30101010101Matches
Durham City AFC Reserves30101010001Matches
Durham United FC25889001Matches
Farringdon Detached FC30101010001Matches
Hebburn Town Reserves FC30101010001Matches
Horden Community Welfare FC25799301Matches
Hylton CW FC30101010011Matches
Sunderland TC Plastics FC30101010321Matches
The Alan Hood Charity Cup - 1st Round
Annfield Plain FC30101010101Matches
Boldon CA FC30101010201Matches
Coxhoe Athletic FC30101010001Matches
Darlington RA FC23788001Matches
Darlington Town FC30101010101Matches
Durham City AFC Reserves289910101Matches
Durham United FC27999001Matches
Farringdon Detached FC30101010101Matches
FC Hartlepool30101010001Matches
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC27999001Matches
Hebburn Town Reserves FC268810101Matches
Horden Community Welfare FC25889101Matches
Hylton CW FC30101010101Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC30101010101Matches
Windscale FC30101010001Matches
Wolviston FC30101010001Matches
The Alan Hood Charity Cup - 2nd Round
Windscale FC27999101Matches
Wolviston FC30101010001Matches
The Alan Hood Charity Cup - Prelim Round
Boldon CA FC30101010001Matches
Darlington RA FC30101010001Matches
Horden Community Welfare FC19784201Matches
Richmond Town FC30101010001Matches
Sunderland TC Plastics FC2881010001Matches
West Auckland Tunns FC24888001Matches
First Division
Annfield Plain FC3111031031059111Matches
Boldon CA FC2999310010622111Matches
Coxhoe Athletic FC31010010310710111Matches
Darlington RA FC35111611711810212Matches
Darlington Town FC37012212512321214Matches
Durham United FC36611912212511113Matches
Farringdon Detached FC3471151161167012Matches
FC Hartlepool38312712812811013Matches
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC35411411912113113Matches
Hebburn Town Reserves FC34811311711816112Matches
Horden Community Welfare FC3051041029911112Matches
Richmond Town FC3431121151165012Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC37812512612710013Matches
West Auckland Tunns FC3119710111310312Matches
Windscale FC3111031031055011Matches
Wolviston FC34611411411814212Matches
Second Division
Durham City AFC Reserves90303030213Matches
Durham United Reserves90303030003Matches
Hylton CW FC120404040204Matches
Jarrow FC Reserves142474946005Matches
Norton and Stockton Ancients90303030103Matches
Sunderland TC Plastics FC144474750105Matches
Sunderland West End Reserves103323338314Matches
Wheatley Hill WMC FC171516060606Matches
Wynyard Village147494949305Matches

  Norton and Stockton Ancients
28/09/20192nd Division LEAGUE CHALLENGE CUPASunderland West End Reserves30 10 10 10 20
31/08/2019Clem Smith BowlASunderland West End Reserves30 10 10 10 00
12/10/2019Durham County FA Minor Cup 1st RoundADurham United Reserves  00
17/08/2019Second DivisionASunderland West End Reserves30 10 10 10 00
24/08/2019Second DivisionAWheatley Hill WMC FC30 10 10 10 00
05/10/2019Second DivisionHDurham City AFC Reserves30 10 10 10 10