Club Respect League


Cumberland County Cup
Cleator Moor Celtic FC60202020002Matches
Windscale FC60202020202Matches
Durham Challenge Cup
Annfield Plain FC30101010001Matches
Boldon CA FC30101010101Matches
Hartlepool FC30101010101Matches
Harton and Westoe CW30101010001Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC30101010001Matches
Sunderland West End FC30101010301Matches
Durham Trophy
Annfield Plain FC30101010001Matches
Darlington Reserves FC30101010401Matches
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC30101010001Matches
Hartlepool FC30101010101Matches
Hebburn Town Res30101010301Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC30101010101Matches
FA Vase
Stokesley SC30101010001Matches
Monkwearmouth Charity Cup - Prelim Round
Boldon CA FC30101010101Matches
Darlington Reserves FC30101010001Matches
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC26989101Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC26899201Matches
Monkwearmouth Charity Cup - Round 1
Annfield Plain FC21669201Matches
Cleator Moor Celtic FC20776501Matches
Coxhoe Athletic FC24888201Matches
Hartlepool FC30101010101Matches
Hebburn Town Res289910101Matches
Redcar Athletic FC30101010001Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC24888001Matches
South Shields Res289910001Matches
Stokesley SC26989001Matches
Sunderland West End FC30101010301Matches
Windscale FC30101010101Matches
Wolviston FC30101010001Matches
North Riding Cup
Richmond Town FC90303030013Matches
Northumberland County Cup
Prudhoe Town FC30101010301Matches
Total Sport Alan Hood Charity Cup - 1st Round
Annfield Plain FC30101010211Matches
Boldon CA FC22769101Matches
Cleator Moor Celtic FC278109211Matches
Darlington Reserves FC30101010001Matches
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC289910101Matches
Hartlepool FC24888101Matches
Harton and Westoe CW30101010001Matches
Hebburn Town Res30101010101Matches
Redcar Athletic FC30101010101Matches
Richmond Town FC2991010001Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC30101010101Matches
South Shields Res30101010001Matches
Stokesley SC30101010001Matches
Sunderland West End FC30101010001Matches
Windscale FC26899001Matches
Wolviston FC25799101Matches
Total Sport Alan Hood Charity Cup - 2nd Round
Boldon CA FC241077101Matches
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC30101010411Matches
Hartlepool FC281099001Matches
Hebburn Town Res30101010301Matches
Redcar Athletic FC24888001Matches
Richmond Town FC30101010001Matches
Stokesley SC23878101Matches
Sunderland West End FC25889101Matches
Total Sport Alan Hood Charity Cup - Prelim Round
Coxhoe Athletic FC241077001Matches
Sunderland West End FC27999001Matches
Total Sport Alan Hood Charity Cup - Semi-Final
Boldon CA FC24888101Matches
Hartlepool FC26899201Matches
Hebburn Town Res2910910201Matches
Richmond Town FC30101010301Matches
TWR Shipowners Charity Cup - Prelim Round
Annfield Plain FC268810001Matches
Hartlepool FC30101010201Matches
Hebburn Town Res289910001Matches
Stokesley SC24888201Matches
TWR Shipowners Charity Cup - Round 1
Boldon CA FC24888101Matches
Cleator Moor Celtic FC268108001Matches
Coxhoe Athletic FC24888001Matches
Darlington Reserves FC289910201Matches
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC24888201Matches
Hartlepool FC30101010101Matches
Harton and Westoe CW30101010201Matches
Hebburn Town Res30101010001Matches
Prudhoe Town FC30101010201Matches
Redcar Athletic FC27999001Matches
Richmond Town FC30101010001Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC26899001Matches
South Shields Res24888201Matches
Sunderland West End FC30101010001Matches
Windscale FC26899001Matches
Wolviston FC30101010101Matches
TWR Shipowners Charity Cup - Round 2
Coxhoe Athletic FC30101010001Matches
Redcar Athletic FC2810810101Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC27999001Matches
Sunderland West End FC24969101Matches
TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football League
Annfield Plain FC52117317017818119Matches
Boldon CA FC46515615215726218Matches
Cleator Moor Celtic FC44314015215112017Matches
Coxhoe Athletic FC39913012714222015Matches
Darlington Reserves FC5121681681769019Matches
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC43814114415312216Matches
Hartlepool FC47915716116133118Matches
Harton and Westoe CW54718218218316020Matches
Hebburn Town Res46315415715215017Matches
Prudhoe Town FC36011812112127114Matches
Redcar Athletic FC42813914014910116Matches
Richmond Town FC45914715615626117Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC49816516616713118Matches
South Shields Res53217517618128219Matches
Stokesley SC49416016516920018Matches
Sunderland West End FC42513414214921117Matches
Windscale FC52917417617912019Matches
Wolviston FC52217117317830119Matches

  Cleator Moor Celtic FC
11/11/2017Monkwearmouth Charity Cup - Round 1ASunderland West End FC20 7 7 6 50
09/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHAnnfield Plain FC28 9 9 10 10
22/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueAHebburn Town Res30 10 10 10 20
15/11/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHWindscale FC20 6 8 6 00
28/10/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueAHartlepool FC25 7 9 9 20
25/10/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueASouth Shields Res23 6 7 10 10
30/09/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueAStokesley SC30 10 10 10 00
23/09/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHRichmond Town FC21 7 7 7 10
07/10/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHHarton and Westoe CW21 7 7 7 00
13/09/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueAPrudhoe Town FC30 10 10 10 00
27/09/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHGateshead Leam Rangers FC30 10 10 10 00
05/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueASunderland West End FC26 8 10 8 00
16/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHSouth Shields Res29 10 10 9 00
08/11/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueABoldon CA FC24 7 8 9 20
19/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueACoxhoe Athletic FC27 9 9 9 00
18/11/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueAWolviston FC26 8 9 9 10
30/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHDarlington Reserves FC23 6 9 8 20
18/10/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHSilksworth Colliery Welfare FC30 10 10 10 00
02/09/2017TWR Shipowners Charity Cup - Round 1ASunderland West End FC26 8 10 8 00
14/10/2017Cumberland County CupAPenrith Saints30 10 10 10 00
04/11/2017Cumberland County CupABraithwiate30 10 10 10 00
16/09/2017Total Sport Alan Hood Charity Cup - 1st RoundHRedcar Athletic FC27 8 10 9 21