Club Respect League


Durham Challenge Cup
Annfield Plain FC30101010001Matches
Boldon CA FC30101010101Matches
Harton and Westoe CW30101010001Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC30101010001Matches
FA Vase
Stokesley SC30101010001Matches
Total Sport Alan Hood Charity Cup - 1st Round
Annfield Plain FC30101010211Matches
Boldon CA FC22769101Matches
Cleator Moor Celtic FC278109211Matches
Darlington Reserves FC30101010001Matches
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC289910101Matches
Hartlepool FC24888101Matches
Harton and Westoe CW30101010001Matches
Hebburn Town Res30101010101Matches
Redcar Athletic FC30101010101Matches
Richmond Town FC2991010001Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC30101010101Matches
South Shields Res30101010001Matches
Stokesley SC30101010001Matches
Sunderland West End FC30101010001Matches
Windscale FC26899001Matches
Wolviston FC25799101Matches
Total Sport Alan Hood Charity Cup - 2nd Round
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC30101010411Matches
Hebburn Town Res30101010301Matches
Richmond Town FC30101010001Matches
Stokesley SC23878101Matches
Total Sport Alan Hood Charity Cup - Prelim Round
Coxhoe Athletic FC241077001Matches
Sunderland West End FC27999001Matches
TWR Shipowners Charity Cup - Prelim Round
Annfield Plain FC268810001Matches
Hartlepool FC30101010201Matches
Hebburn Town Res289910001Matches
Stokesley SC24888201Matches
TWR Shipowners Charity Cup - Round 1
Boldon CA FC24888101Matches
Cleator Moor Celtic FC268108001Matches
Coxhoe Athletic FC24888001Matches
Darlington Reserves FC289910201Matches
Harton and Westoe CW30101010201Matches
Redcar Athletic FC27999001Matches
Richmond Town FC30101010001Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC26899001Matches
South Shields Res24888201Matches
Sunderland West End FC30101010001Matches
Windscale FC26899001Matches
Wolviston FC30101010101Matches
TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football League
Annfield Plain FC3091021011069111Matches
Boldon CA FC28194919618211Matches
Cleator Moor Celtic FC193626764507Matches
Coxhoe Athletic FC26586869311010Matches
Darlington Reserves FC2658588925010Matches
Gateshead Leam Rangers FC245788186529Matches
Hartlepool FC28895979622011Matches
Harton and Westoe CW3081021021048011Matches
Hebburn Town Res247818383409Matches
Prudhoe Town FC2448280821529Matches
Redcar Athletic FC210686973318Matches
Richmond Town FC2237375751318Matches
Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC223747475608Matches
South Shields Res254828488709Matches
Stokesley SC248828383909Matches
Sunderland West End FC233757682509Matches
Windscale FC251848384509Matches
Wolviston FC27590909513110Matches

  Annfield Plain FC
02/09/2017TWR Shipowners Charity Cup - Prelim RoundAHebburn Town Res26 8 8 10 00
19/09/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueAHebburn Town Res30 10 10 10 20
09/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueACleator Moor Celtic FC30 10 10 10 01
26/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHHarton and Westoe CW30 10 10 10 10
05/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHHartlepool FC30 10 10 10 00
23/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHGateshead Leam Rangers FC30 10 10 10 10
09/09/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHSouth Shields Res26 8 8 10 20
30/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHBoldon CA FC25 8 8 9 00
16/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueACoxhoe Athletic FC27 9 9 9 00
06/09/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueAStokesley SC30 10 10 10 20
19/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHWolviston FC24 8 7 9 00
16/09/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueADarlington Reserves FC27 9 9 9 10
13/09/2017Durham Challenge CupASunderland AFC30 10 10 10 00
12/08/2017Total Sport Alan Hood Charity Cup - 1st RoundAGateshead Leam Rangers FC30 10 10 10 21