Player Profile



Age: 31

Redcar Athletic FC

Position: Midfielder

Player Statistics - League (Cup)

Teesside Athletic FC08/08/200931/05/2010 1 (1) 0 (0) 0 (0) 10
Redcar Athletic FC06/08/201031/05/2011 5 (4) 0 (0) 1 (0) 30
Redcar Athletic FC23/07/201131/05/2012 18 (4) 1 (1) 3 (0) 81
Redcar Athletic FC26/07/201306/06/2014 31 (7) 4 (1) 3 (1) 90
Redcar Athletic FC27/07/201430/06/2015 35 (5) 11 (1) 8 (0) 110
Redcar Athletic FC22/07/201531/05/2016 24 (3) 3 (1) 2 (0) 50
Redcar Athletic FC15/06/201631/05/2017 28 (8) 5 (2) 2 (1) 51
Redcar Athletic FC14/06/201731/05/2018 13 (5) 2 (0) 0 (0) 61

Appearances this season

DateCompetitionHome   AwayScoredMOTM  
05/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueRedcar Athletic FC7 V 2South Shields Res0
09/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHartlepool FC1 V 2Redcar Athletic FC0   
12/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueRedcar Athletic FC4 V 3Silksworth Colliery Welfare FC0
19/08/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueBoldon CA FC0 V 0Redcar Athletic FC0   
30/09/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueGateshead Leam Rangers FC0 V 3Redcar Athletic FC0
04/10/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueStokesley SC4 V 5Redcar Athletic FC0
14/10/2017TWR Shipowners Charity Cup - Round 2Sunderland West End FC2 V 2Redcar Athletic FC0
18/10/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueRedcar Athletic FC5 V 2Hartlepool FC1   
21/10/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueRedcar Athletic FC2 V 0Darlington Reserves FC0
25/10/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueRedcar Athletic FC3 V 1Annfield Plain FC0
01/11/2017North Riding CupRedcar Athletic FC2 V 0Stokesley SC0   
08/11/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueHarton and Westoe CW1 V 1Redcar Athletic FC0
11/11/2017Monkwearmouth Charity Cup - Round 1Hebburn Town Res0 V 4Redcar Athletic FC0
18/11/2017TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueSunderland West End FC3 V 3Redcar Athletic FC0   
06/12/2017North Riding CupRedcar Athletic FC1 V 0Whitby Town0   
09/12/2017Monkwearmouth Charity Cup - Round 2Redcar Athletic FC6 V 1Windscale FC0   
27/01/2018TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueDarlington Reserves FC1 V 4Redcar Athletic FC0
03/02/2018TWR Bi Folds Wearside Football LeagueRedcar Athletic FC3 V 0Boldon CA FC1

Discipline Record

SeasonPlaying forSuspended FromSuspended To 
2017/2018Redcar Athletic FC26/08/20172017-09-06 00:00:00